What would typically be involved/reviewed/reported on in an IT audit of Citrix?
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Carl WebsterCommented:
What tools are required:  License Management Console, Delivery Services COnsole, Advanced Configuration COnsole

View-only admin:  Yes, create a custom administrator or create an admin and select View Only

Other issues - lots and I also check AD if they have control of AD.

Here are a couple:

1.  Are the servers manually configured or set to use farm settings
2.  Who is a farm admin and do they really need to be
3. Are applications configured for users, groups or both.  Users are bad and hard to manage.
4.  Multiple zones?  if so, do they have a Zone Preference and Failover policy?
5. Do they have dedicated Zone Data Collector?
6.  Are they large enough to require a backup dedicated ZDC.
7.  Other than Citrix stuff, are there ANY apps installed on the ZDCs?
8.  Do they manually build servers or is there an automated process.
9.  If manual, it is extremly detailed and documented?
10. If manual, are the application installs extremely detailed and documented?

That is a start.
Carl WebsterCommented:
pma111Author Commented:
Carl, thanks.
What tools are required on a PC you want to use to admin a citrix environment.
And is there anyway to set up like view only admin rights for our auditors so they can check config settings of the citrix environment from their PC, but cant alter/update anythingby mistake
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pma111Author Commented:
Are there any other issues above and beyond the 10 mentioned by citrix consultants that you are aware of in your years of being a citrix admin/expert
pma111Author Commented:
Thanks so much if you have more and fancy detailing them I'd love to here (will up the points)..
Carl WebsterCommented:
You can get some items to look for from this old document.  Just change the product name. Citrix-Infrastructure-Assessment.doc
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