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SQL Query Question


I need to wirte an sql query that pulls out info on clients. Now for each client record I have 2 codes for the countryID and nationalityID. I need to display both of them.

The problem I have is that these two fields point to the same table holding the data i need, As an example, assume I have the following:

ID 1 County Mallta Nationality Maltese
ID 2 Country UK Nationality British

Now I can have a client with a street address pointing to countryID 1, that is Malta, but a nationalituID of 2 = British.

Since now via left joins I added the country to the records I need to pull, but now I am stcuk as I want to add the nationality too.

Any Help is welcome, if you need further detail please just ask.
1 Solution
You can join them multiple times, but you have to give it a unique name.

select *
from YourTable inner join Country nat1 on yourable.nat2ID= nat1.id
                        inner join Country nat2 on yourtable.nat1ID = nat2.id
Imran Javed ZiaCommented:
for such condition you may use two joins as

Select * from yourTable
Inner Join tbl as Country On yourCondion
Inner Join tbl Nationailty  On yourCondion

if your data can be null then use left outer join as

Select * from yourTable
Left Outer Join tbl as Country On yourCondion
Left Outer Join tbl Nationailty  On yourCondion
ZeppiPAuthor Commented:
Perfect. Thanks mate. Did not know that you could join the same table more then once.

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