Ubuntu on Macbook Pro 5.5

Hi experts,

I am thinking on running Ubuntu on my Macbook pro 5.5 and I wonder now if any got a good guide on doin this. With that I mean including everything from start like partitioning and so on. I tried once to install Ubuntu but it messed my whole Mac up so I had to reinstall everything.
This time though I hope to ONLY run Ubuntu and not have macOS on it at all. Is that possible? How is support for 64bit? (I have 8Gb RAM)

Also, any info on what works and what doesn't?. Like suspend, webcam, wirelss and so on.
I wish to install Ubuntu 11.04 64bit

LVL 10
Magnus BIT-supportAsked:
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Magnus BIT-supportAuthor Commented:
Magnus BIT-supportAuthor Commented:
thanks, but I don't want triple boot or dualboot
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the easiest way to do what you want is to follow those instructions for triple or dual boot - and then default to the Ubuntu boot - otherwise you may as well save the mobey you paid for the macintosh and get a windows / Linux laptop.

Do you not want to keep the capability to run the mac OS at some point in the future?
Magnus BIT-supportAuthor Commented:
I read somewhere that it's supposed to be possible to only run Ubuntu on a Macbook. Triple or dualboot only takes up unnecessary space.

I still have MacOS DVD that came with computer so if I don't like Ubuntu I should be able to reinstall it again as it came when I bought it.

Apple always had superior hardware and the Macbook is such example.
Magnus BIT-supportAuthor Commented:
found answer myself on ubuntu website.
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