Event log Error

Hi All,

I am getting a an Appiclation event log error every hour or so.

Appiclation Event Log Event ID 9582 Source MSExchangeIS
The virtual memory necessary to run your Exchange server is fragmented in such a way that normal operation may begin to fail. It is highly recommended that you restart all Exchange services to correct this issue.

I am running Windows server 2003 standard Ed Sp2 thats has Exchange 2003 SP2
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JAN PAKULAConnect With a Mentor ICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
use defraggler to defragment your hdd


also using pagedefrag from sysinternals might help


do you have enough ram on server to ran exchange?

kdonnelly81Author Commented:
Hi Janpakula,

Thanks for the reply. I will download and defraggler. The Server has 4 GB of Ram, is $Gb enough for exchange? But I also use it as a Domain Controller.

Have never used pagedefrag, will give it a look!
Shabarinath RamadasanConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Hope you have /3G switch enabled.

Check this KB article too.

Good luck

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