Network and Remote Desktop Gateway

I feel like I am missing a simple thing...
I setup a Server to run RD Gateway. It is connected to a sonic wall switch/VPN and has a IP.  How can I connect to this from a remote computer without VPN? Do I need to setup some kind of port foward on the sonic wall?

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JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
you need to create address object for internal ip and external ip
then you have to create nat rule to translate internai ip to external and viceversa (select ports)
then you have to create firewall rule to allow users to acces this internal ip

for single system remote access you had to configure port forwarding to the controller system of the local network.
for multiple systems u had to configure port forwarding to each individual system.

after enabling port forwarding you will be able to redirect all remote accessing requests to a single machine

i think it would help
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