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HP ML350 G3 SMART Array 641

I have an HP ML350 that has a RAID 5 accross 4 disks that includes two logical drives, one 40GB drive for the OS and one 300GB drive for the DATA.  Recently one of the disks failed, (all of them are 146GB 15k SCSI) so I ordered a new one and the second logical drive has rebuilt and has a ok status but the first logical drive the OS was on won't rebuild.

I am stuck now - I thought about deleting the first logical drive and recreating the OS from scratch leaving all my data available on logical drive two, but it won't let me do that because logical drive #1 isn't the last logical drive on the raid.  I also tried installing an extra 146 GB drive and created a seperate RAID 0 to see if I could install the OS on it and boot from there leaving the RAID 5 just as it was with both logical drives as they were.

When I boot to a windows 2008 cd, it say's the normal loading windows as usual and then it shows the windows logo with the bar for a few seconds and the screen goes black - nothing else happens.

I need some advice - why won't the system finish booting to a CD (i've tried several - same thing happens for all of them)?  AND IF I delete both logical drives on the RAID 5 to recreate them will I loose my data?

Your advice is greatly appreciate and I will look forward to hearing from someone.
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You could do a SmartStart install since it'll let you chose to install on logical disk 1 that has the current OS on it, but it should still boot from disk even with a degraded logical disk that hasn't rebuilt assuming it was really RAID 1 and not RAID 0.
Mike4CCMAuthor Commented:
I don't have a SmartStart CD?  I will google for one - normally I work with Dell servers and this is an older HP so it's a bit different than what I am used to.  Note, the logical drive 1 (~40GB) and logical drive 2 are on the same RAID 5 accross 4 disks.  I just created a RAID 0 in slot 4 on the server to see if I could get a new bootable partition available so I could get all my data off of logical drive 2 on the RAID 5.  Once I have the data I'm gonna scrap both RAID's and start with a RAID 1 for the OS (buying a 6th hard disk, then place the data in a 4 diks dedicated RAID 5.

IF you know where I can get a SmartStart CD please let me know.
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Mike4CCMAuthor Commented:
Okay, I've booted into smart start, can you give me step by step instructions on how to do this without loosing the data I have on logical drive 2?  I was going to deploy an os but it prompted me to delete all shared storage?
Mike4CCMAuthor Commented:
Never mind, I ended up removing all the raid 5 disks then re-enabling the logical drives even though I was warned all data was loss.  The broken logical drive#1 then reflected an okay status and I could reinstall windows on it which gave me access to my data.  Thankfully logical drive two didn't get erased when ire-enabled it.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
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