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Are There Tools or Apps out there That I can Use to Monitor/Manage Xpi and Oracle Fusion?

We use Oracle Weblogic which encompasses Oracle Fusion, Xpi server and transaction server.

Our company runs "Pick Tickets" around the clock via jobs that run on the system. The Transaction server monitors a specific table in the database for new information and submits that.
They have setup alerts so that when that table hits a certain threshold of outstanding records it sends out an alert indicating a high volume of outstanding records in the table.

However, here lately the "volume" of pick tickets has been HUGE. To the point where have been getting a lot of alerts at various times in the day and the protocol we have been following is to check that table for records and check the Xpi server to see if the logs indicate if the pick tickets are still dropping or hung up or whatever.

But as you can see that is not enought to really tell us what might be going on behind the scenes. I'm not an expert on Oracle Fusion, Weblogic or Xpi. But I'm the one tasked with troubleshooting this issue whenever the alerts go out.

But I want to be able to dig deeper into the issues so that I can go back to my manager and others in the team and provide more comprehensive analysis of my throubleshooting.

So, I wanted to see if someone who is an expert in these areas of Oracle Weblogic could tell someone like me who is comfortable logging checking things like the Xpi listener(which goes down sometimes) Oracle Fusion JMS Servers, I know who to check to see if they are paused.

But that is about it. Could you tell me of other things I can look for or logs I can check to do more analysis? Also, if there are any third party tools available out there let me know. My boss was just asking me about that yesterday.

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Aaron ShiloChief Database ArchitectCommented:
matrix0511Author Commented:
ashilo, I forgot to ask you...I checked out the website you provided. But man...It looks soo complicated. How do I know or how do I even start trying to plug in all the info I need to be able to manage my servers? some of the servers such as my Oracle Fusion/XPI servers....I don't know what info I need to obtain to be able to plug into the app/tool your provided.

I guess what I'm saying is I don't know where or how to begin with this. Could you help?

matrix0511Author Commented:
Ashilo, or anyone else out there familiar with this tool (Applications Manager), can you please help??!

I am trying to use it but having no luck! Thanks,

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