Can ISA be configured to proxy certain web sites only

We are currently running ISA 2006, we are not using the web proxy, no workstations have any proxy server settings specified, but we have certain web sites now, on another network, which require a proxy server to be used.

My question is, is there anyway in ISA to create a rule that says, any web sites that match this rule, then use the following proxy server, otherwise go out to the internet.

I wan to aviod having to touch any settings on the client workstations if possible, ideally i don't want to have to configure the proxy settings in IE, or create any manual scripts to enable/disable the proxy or install the ISA firewall client. If anyone knows if this is possible to achieve this through ISA, great, if not i'm open to other suggestions
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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
Not easily on a rule, no but this is what a proxy.pac file does for you. it allows - amongst other things - for you to select whether a browser should go directly to a site via networking rules or should be redirected to a proxy server plus the port number.

The location of the proxy.pac file can be placed into the browser proxy settings directly, via group policy or by using the port 252 DHCP/wpad options.
"but we have certain web sites now, on another network, which require a proxy server to be used"

if i understand correctly its possible, lets say you have

One Office
Two Network, 192.168.168x (A), 192.168.x.x (B).

you have One ISA server with 2 or more NICs. now you want to disable Site for A, you can create one role that source A, Destination (Website), Action Deny, priority (as per network), enable.

CENITSupportAuthor Commented:
what we are trying to achieve is to be able to proxy for certain web sites and not others. At the moment we don't use a proxy server anywhere in our environment, but we now require access to web sites that require the use of a proxy server, and are trying to come up with a solution that will enable us to use a proxy server for specific sites and allow us to set the proxy details, but allow all other web sites through avoiding the proxy all togetther.
Ideally we didn't want to have to touch any settings on the client machines either with/without GPOs if we don't have to

We don't want to deny access to any sites, merely redirect certain sites to use a web proxy.
If we went down the route of using WPAD, can it be tied to a certain domain or would the settings be globabl to to speak

From what you guys are saying, it's as we suspected, that there is no easy way to configure this through ISA and would therfore require the use of a proxy server configured through IE, whether it be via a GPO or WPad/pac files
CENITSupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help guys, we have decided to go down the route of creating a PAC file to specify which sites require a proxy server, and all others go DIRECT. We then pushed this setting out via GPO and it's working like a dream.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
More than welcome.
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