Trend Micro Officescan 10.5 ofcscan.ini issue

We recently migrated a Trend Micro Officescan server (10.5) from 2003 to 2008 R2. All computers were migrated using the "move client" feature in the console. Everything seems to be working fine but the Client_LocalServer_Port in the ofcscan.ini file has a different number than what is in the registry. It seems the move does not modify the .ini file.

I contacted Trend and they recommend running autopcc.exe on all computers via logon script but I'd prefer to find a different method due to bandwidth limitations.

When I run autopcc.exe I see it copy the ofcscan.ini file from the server so am wondering if I can just copy the .ini file to all computers. I also wonder if it matters at all since the clients appear to get their listening port from the registry which does show the correct port.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated
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rparsons1000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Trues but I need an automated method for 500 computers. I have chosen to run the autopcc using SCCM 2007 after hours. All is good.
you can just edit the ini file...
rparsons1000Author Commented:
Use sccm to run file
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