Using WMV file in website

I have a client that I am creating a website for. He provided a wmv file for me to post to his site. (324mb)
I have placed the video on a page and uploaded it, but the video is not playing. I'm assuming it's the size of the video. I have not uploaded or worked with video in the past. Is WMV the best option for video, or should I change it to a different format?
Here is the link to the page:

thank you

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amyamoAuthor Commented:
So, I have an update on this. After 30 minutes of having the window open the video finally started to play. I need to come up with another option on how to get this to work, so that video starts playing immediately. What other formats can I use for the video where it will stream immediately?
Also, I would like this to be compatible for both mac and PC - do I need to offer different options for each one?
thank you
You dont give us too much details in terms on what programming langauges , and technologies are you using.

For your second question , the recommened file format is flv or avi ...
amyamoAuthor Commented:
I am just using HTML -
is avi compatible with both mac and PC or just pc?
what other information would you need from me?
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avi is an open standard and should be cross-compatible, but as stated flv would be recommended. and you are correct, your file size is the problem. unless there's a reason for the video to be high-definition it should be re-encoded to a smaller file.

i would recommend grabbing this free utility which will let you convert to/from just about anything (including FLV) with detailed control over the output.

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I agree with Dangle79. Use a smaller format for showing the video on your web page. If you want you can put a link on the page where the wmv file can be downloaded.

You can also use .mpg if you want for your web page. Get it as small as possible.
one thing to consider is the subject matter of the video. is this an informational video that you intend to start playing on the home page as it's loaded, or is it something that a viewer will click on to get further information? in the latter case they're more willing to wait for a download because they've requested more detail.

if it's the former i would recommend keeping it around a minute or so. most site visits don't include more than that on the home page before clicking further into the site.
amyamoAuthor Commented:
Thank you Dangle79 I will try to change this over to FLV -
the viewer will click on a link to get more information and to view the video.
thank you for your help.
I thought I deserved partial points for my comment above,,,
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
To clarify the solution above, when you convert a video to flv and embed it in Dreamweaver, the software creates and deploys a special flash file that acts as a media player.   The combination of files allows you to use http streaming to play the video without having to load the whole thing first.  When you dropped the wmv into the system, the video would not stream over http (different coding required) so the whole thing was loading prior to playback.

I slightly disagree with reducing the quality of the video because people sometimes get overzealous on the conversion and reduce it so far that the quality suffers and turns off site visitors.  Instead, I recommend you take advantage of YouTube unless there is a compleeing reason not to and load your video there at full quality and get the YouTube embed code and use that in your site.  This approach has several advantages:

1) YouTube will automatically convert your video into multiple quality versions for playback if the source quality is high enough.  Playback version depends on the user's bandwidth and preferences.  

2) YouTube is optimized for video playback whereas your server may not be.  

3) YouTube deals with the bandwidth cost, not you.

4) your video will be available on most mobile devices.  You would need to take lots of additional steps in a bespoke situation to make this happen.

The only real downside to using YouTube is if you have a longer video than YouTube allows or if the content is objectionable.  

Finally, I agree this should have been a split.   I'm just posting the above for clarification.  
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