Server 2008 Data Center takes forever to reboot

We have a 2008 data center server that takes 2-3 hours to reboot.  I am pulling my hair out try to find out why (and I don't have much to pull out).  It didn't do this when it was new, but picked up this bad habit awhile back.  It will boot up fine, and get to the Windows screen with the horizontal progress bar.  After that, it goes to a black screen with a white cursor (which I can move).  If I let it sit at that screen for 2-2/12 hours, it will boot and be ready to go.  Here are some facts about the server....some may be irrelevant, but I'd rather include everything

It is an HP D360 G5 with Windows 2008 Data Center

It has 2 ethernet ports.  One for the host, one for the virtuals.  Removing it from the network during boot does not help.

It does this whether it has updates to install, or not

The server is a Hyper V host for 4 virtual servers.  It does this even if I shut down all of the virtuals before I reboot.

We do not have snapshots running

We have 1 other physical server that does DHCP and DNS for the problem server.  The problem server has a static IP

The server has 3 roles (File Services, Hyper-V, Web Services (IIS).  It basically does nothing but host the virtuals
It has 4 features installed (.NET, Remote Server Admin Tools, Telnet Client, Windows Power Shell)

It has 4 300GB SAS drives.  They show up as 2 partitions.  RAID 5?

That is all I can think of to tell you.  Please help!
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andysealsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the solution.  I had 2 new physical servers replace two that I was using.  Both of the new physicals were supposed to being doing DHCP.  For some reason the installer only gave the DHCP role to one of the virtuals.  So when the virtual host booted, it couldn't get DHCP info and stalled.  Once I had the other physical server handing out DHCP, the problem went away!
anything in the event viewer? how is the HDD read/write speed? i had similar issue with my exchange box, and it turned out that the scsi cable connecting the HDD wasnt fixed properly. so i would check the read/write speed to HDD first.

if there is nothing on the event viewer, then it might not be a software/os related (unless you have a rootkit installed). anyway , do a boot time scan of hdd (using avast boot cd or something similar) to check the disk and its contents integrity.

how much RAM does this server have? try disconnecting anything that can be disconnected from within the server and connect it back firmly, then boot it up with your fingers crossed.
andysealsAuthor Commented:
There is nothing in the event viewer.  

The server has 20GB of RAM
andysealsAuthor Commented:
Problem was solved
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