How do I completely uninstall PHP from IIS 6?

I am attempting to uninstall PHP from IIS 6 and am having some difficulty.  To install, I followed the guide at this URL:

I wasn't able to get it to work even after going through all the troubleshooting steps he listed.  I assumed that I had missed a step somewhere along the line and spent the better part of a day trying to retrace my steps but couldn't find anything that would indicate that I did something wrong.

My thought was that I could uninstall and start fresh but I am running into a snag.  I have removed almost everything but the PHP ISAPI filter from IIS.  When I click remove, the filter seems to disappear.  At this point, I put the PHP folder into the recycle bin and restart IIS.  After restarting IIS, the PHP ISAPI filter re-appears and none of my non-PHP web sites work (Service Unreachable).

I restore the PHP folder and restart IIS and then all of my other websites work again.  The problem is that I still have the PHP ISAPI filter in IIS.  I'd like to get rid of this filter as I believe this is the last step I need to do in order to complete the uninstall.  Once I have done this, I will carefully reinstall....but in the meantime.

Is there any way to remove this ISAPI filter for good?  I appreciate your help!
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Try to save after changes

"Save Configuration to disk" Option
 Right Click on IIS Root (local conputer) - All Tasks - Save Configuration to disk

ARM1Author Commented:
I kinda' feel stupid that it was that easy.  Must be from all the time I spent troubleshooting the install.  THANKS for your help and quick response!
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