Empty SCOM Reports


Got a bit of a strange issue in that any report that I run after the 13th April I get a blank report with no data. Anything prior to the 13th I get a working report back.

The issues is that there is no data being populated into the OperationsManagerDW database since the 13th April but I don't know why or even where that database collects it's data from to start looking.

Any help will be much appreciated
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vanquisbankAuthor Commented:
Issue resolved.

In the end the only way I could get this working was to hit it with a sledge hammer.

Uninstall scom reporting, uninstal SQL Reporting Services, delete OpsMgr database, re-install SQL Reporting Services, Install SCOM Reporting services.

Bit of a heavy handed way to do it but it worked
Didn't you get any error on the OpsMgr DW failing in SCOM?
I would start checking your DW read and DW write accounts for permissions.
vanquisbankAuthor Commented:
This was the only answer to my problem that i found. Marking as resoltuion because it resolved my issue and may help others
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