Exporting Access 2007 report with columns to Word doesn't allow for accurate cutting/pasting.

I am exporting an Access 2007 report to Word using the following command:
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptList1", acformatRTF, "List1,rtf", True

The export is carried out without any problems, but since the exported report contains columns, it is not possible to cut/paste data from the column without the cut/paste taking the enire row of data associated with the column data selected.

Is there a way to export the columns to Word and to be able to access all of the text freely.
Here is a visual of what is happening. IThis is what my report looks like after it has been exported to Word:

Column1             Column 2              Col umn3
aaaa1                 aaaa2                   aaaa3
bbbb1                 bbbb2                   bbbb3
cccc1                 cccc2                   cccc3

If I attempt to cut the last 2 rows in column3, for example, to retrieve the bbbb3 and cccc3, highlighting the bbb3 and ccc3 will actually highlight and cut bbbb3, cccc1, cccc2, and cccc3.

Is there a way to get around this?

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LucasMS Dynamics DeveloperCommented:
Try holding ALT then highlight the area you want to copy, then do your pasting.
newbie46Author Commented:
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