Excel formula Question

First Request:-
I have to write a formula where i can do below,concatenate columan A and Column B,take first initial from Col A in small letter and concatenate it with all the small letter of column B and show the result in Column C like below:-
A              B               C
Catalina      Londono      clondono
Hector      Machado      hmachado
Luis      Cruz      lcruz
Second Request:-
I have to write a formula where in Column D NYCCS is the first word followed by space and - A1 B1 followed by space -  last 4 digit of column D as mentioned below.
A               B             C                              D
Catalina      Londono      2101604113      NYCCS - Catalina Londono - 4113
Hector      Machado      2101604160      NYCCS - Hector Machado - 4160
Luis      Cruz      2101607889      NYCCS - Luis Cruz - 7889
Thanks for your help in advance.

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AnilData ManagerCommented:
2nd is

="NYCCS - "&A1&" "&B1&" - "&RIGHT(C1,4)

Hope this helps.

AnilData ManagerCommented:
1st request is

zonate_toasterAuthor Commented:
Great 1 st request is working as per the forumla,thanks akajohn.Looking forward for fix of second request.
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zonate_toasterAuthor Commented:
Great second reuest i have missed it,this is also working as reqested.Great for super fast reply.Thanks aton.
zonate_toasterAuthor Commented:
i would like to give you 1 million point coz of super fast reply.
AnilData ManagerCommented:
Glad I could help. Just make sure you do not have spaces (leading or trailing)  in your data. as the formula would then fail and it would need a bit of a trim() function to correct it.

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