The Links on my Web Page are doubling up the word for the link

There is no way I can explain this any easier than it would be for you to just try it.

Our Website is

When you go there and click on any of the other links such as About US it will take you to that page.

If you attempt to go to any other page after that page it doubles up the word Pages and makes the page unobtainable.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?  I have no clue as to what went wrong on this one.
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Change your links from href="PAGES/ABOUT%20US.html to href="/PAGES/ABOUT%20US.html
Paul JacksonSoftware EngineerCommented:
add ../ to the front of the url like :

Rmumpower00Author Commented:
That was it, Thank you very much!
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