mirror a HD

I'm supposed to mirror a HD, but not sure how to go about this.  This is in a SMALL BUSINESS Server2003 or Server 2008 environment.

I was told that the client is running on a borrowed HD and we need to mirror the present HD over to the new HD.  

Can someone send me the steps?
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ghost and disk image free tools, Ghost alternatives


 Try this ,it's free .

http://www.runtime.org/dixml.htm  Free backup Software
http://www.acronis.com/enterprise/products/diskdirector/  Imaging a Server RAID 5 imager, also change Partition size

Free for personal use

Image and restore to different hardware independent

I hope this helps !

You will software like Acronis to mirror the hard drive.

Works great!
You can mirror the disk in two ways, hardware and software mirror. Better is to make a mirror with hardware, usually a raid controller. Some allow you to create a mirror taking the information for one disk a then create a mirror with this disk as a source. Some other need to delete a recreate the mirror.

To create a mirror in Windows 2003 you can make this with right click in my computer - management - disk management - There you have to convert both disk to dinamyc disk - Then you should be able to create a mirror volume using your OS partition/disk.

Here is some infor for software mirror with win 2003, basically is the same for win 2008
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If want you want is to change the disk, the better way is to create a image backup for the disk. Acronis is one of the best, Ghost and there are some free tools for this.

An good option is to use windows backup if you use windows 2008 and create a full server backup. This will create a image for your system in a external usb disk. Then you can boot with windows 2008 install dvd and restore the image in the other disk with the recovery tools from this dvd. This should work fine, I have used it in test environment and work great.
I never used the Windows functionality but with ghost (earliy releases like v9 with a good USB drives support) or Acronis works fine. Caution with Acronis, the Homes releases are not compliants with servers OS, in the same time Advanced releases (Adv. Workstation or Adv. server) ll require the installation of a centralized server software for licences and management. In the case of Acronis use the (may be trial) Acronis® Backup & Recovery 10 Server version.
Good luck
Buy Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.1 (it is at version 2266 now) and boot using a WinPE disk you make or one thier tool configures for you. Hook up both drives, boot of the cd and run ghost32 choosing the "Local disk to disk" option.
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