how to fix The report execution jotkjhawuc0opy454kanro45 has expired or cannot be found.

Hei, when I try to view a certain report through reportviewer in my website I get this error message.
"The report execution jotkjhawuc0opy454kanro45 has expired or cannot be found. "

Viewing the report from from reportmanager is no problem. and if I refresh the report once in reportviewer it also show.
But why wont' it show the first time?

Please help, been stuck with this to long
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stalebAuthor Commented:
Solved my spesific problem, out the 50 or so  reports I use, this was the only one with this problem.
In my db where I read out he path of the report for the reportviewer to use, the path had a trailing space.
It worked fine before we uppgraded the reportserver this weekend. But it seems like the newer version of reportserver
did not like the trailing space ing path.
How the error message was supposed to guide me into that solution I don't know :)

Thanks for the help
Your most welcome dear.

happy it got solved,. you start by searching for the error msg and if it doesnt work you look some were else.

but some times the best practices of doing things help you prevent problems from occuring.

wish you all the best..
Thanks so much staleb that solved my problem was bewildered..for a few months!!!...Woohoo!!!! B)
stalebAuthor Commented:
solved it
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