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New thoughts on "There was a problem sending a command to the program"

On my Windows XP (up-to-date) PC, when double-clicking on a file with an extension associated to EditPlus v3.11 there is about a 5-second delay before EditPlus v3.11 opens.  Also, I am getting the error "There was a problem sending a command to the program" when exiting EditPlus v3.11.

Now, I don't think this has anything to do with EditPlus v3.11 specifically, but of course I could be wrong.  I believe this is a systemic problem with Windows; I cannot find it.

I have had this problem over the years with various applications (some MS Office, some not).  I have been able to get rid of the problem by running a registry cleaner, although I never figured out what it "cleaned" to make things right again.  This time the same registry cleaner is not solving the problem.

I believe it is probably something to do with DDE, but I cannot find what to do about it (like disabling DDE).

I am using Avast! and have experimented with turning it off.  I don't have ZoneAlarm and have never had it on this PC.

I have looked around the Internet and here, and cannot find a solution to this problem (once again, which I think is systemic).

I hope I haven't left anything out here; does anyone know the solution or have suggestions to try?

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Silver ShroudCommented:
I ran & maintained over 40 XP computers for years and never once experienced the error message you describe.

I have two major questions for you:

   Why would you assume that the problem is related to something in XP and not with EditPlus?

   Also why are you assuming that this has something to do with Dynamic Data Exchange?
That instruction set has been essentially trouble free for decades.

Have you just tried to reinstall EditPlus?
That would be the first thing to try.

BTW "registry cleaners" should always be avoided.
The potential danger of such an application cannot be over-stated and the benefits are minimal at best.
As you, yourself, said: I never figured out what it "cleaned"
Playing Russian Roulette with your registry is not good practice.
From what i've read this is a bug in editplus you need to upgrade to newest version 3.30 it has lots of fixes.
GeoffHarperAuthor Commented:
I just upgraded to EditPlus 3.30 and it didn't make a difference.

I said "I have had this problem over the years with various applications (some MS Office, some not)."  Unfortunately it is not happening with any other applications right now.

I also said "I believe it is probably something to do with DDE" because I see DDE mentioned frequently with this error message when I search the Internet.

I'm just trying to find out the cause.  I'm not trying to cast blame and it doesn't really matter to me whether Windows is causing it, or the application is causing it - I just want to fix it.
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Silver ShroudCommented:
Per Wiki: "The primary function of DDE is to allow Windows applications to share data. For example, a cell in Microsoft Excel could be linked to a value in another application and when the value changed, it would be automatically updated in the Excel spreadsheet."

It is built into the programs that use it.
It is doubtful that EditPlus even calls it, but, if it does, there's nothing you can do about it.

It's possible that you have a bad registry key that did not get updated when you upgraded EditPlus.
When you are having problems with a program the better option is to uninstall it before installing an upgrade.

I recommend that you uninstall EditPlus using Revo Uninstaller
Read and follow all instructions.
It creates a System Restore point before proceeding.
Reboot your computer and try installing the current version.
GeoffHarperAuthor Commented:
I know what DDE is - I've written C++ applications which use it.

I downloaded Revo Uninstaller and uninstalled EditPlus, rebooted, installed EditPlus v3.30, and I still have the 5+ second delay when clicking on any file associated with EditPlus, and I have the same error message upon exit.

I do remember one specific application I had the same trouble with was Visual Basic 6 (don't have trouble with it now) when clicking on a .vbp file associated with the IDE.  I just can't remember what other applications I had this trouble with over the last few years.
Silver ShroudCommented:
As I said I have never seen this issue with XP [or any other MS o/s]

Since it appears that you are a frequent user of "registry cleaners" it's possible that you have lost some necessary registry keys at some point.

A re-install of XP would be the next step I can suggest.

Boot from your XP installation CD and choose Install not Repair.
It will recreate your o/s.
I have done this a dozen times and have never lost any data, programs, or settings, but it's always a good idea to have current backups when doing this.
All of your drivers and installed programs are untouched during a re-install.

You will get a warning about "previously installed" Windows and the option to save the old o/s in case there's a problem.
If you have the hard drive space it's good to save the old data for a few weeks, but I have never had to use it.
Check for system/program updates after you have finished the re-install.
Do you have win xp sp3?
If you want to disable dde click start then run type services.msc then look for netdde and netddedsdm
they should be set on disable by default but double check.
While in services you will see one called Background intelligent transfer service,this is also known to slow things down considerably.
GeoffHarperAuthor Commented:
I did try the Install of XP (I was familiar with it because I've done it before).  It didn't make a difference.

And the DDE services mentioned were already disabled, and I had heard about BITS being a hog so I experimented with that, but no difference.

I want to thank you guys for all your suggestions, though.

The frustration of this finally pushed me over the edge to adopt Windows 7 (which I've been putting off doing for a long time).  I still liked XP very much but it was in the cards that I would be moving on to Windows 7 soon.

So, how would you guys work this?  I can split the points between the two, or give no points.

Let me know so I can close this out.

Thanks again!
If your decision is to goto win 7 then just close with no points.
If you decide to goto win 7 on seperate partition and keep xp then we can still tackle the issue,if you want to.
Silver ShroudCommented:
I agree.
GeoffHarperAuthor Commented:
I didn't keep XP on a separate partition.  I'm actually now almost done re-installing all my software after installing Windows 7.

Thanks again for all your response.
GeoffHarperAuthor Commented:
I ended up installing Windows 7.

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