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IIS 404 Question

I have a question about IIS Server Settings. I got on McAffee Siteadvisor following message:

"!It appears that the Web site dvd-ranger.com (or www.dvd-ranger.com) is returning an HTTP 2xx or 3xx status response code in the header of 404 pages."

I do not know what settings they refer to, because everything is working well on ther server. Any idea where this setting is?

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It just mean that your 404 pages do not give a 404 response back


which has a custom 404 page that that return everything all ok 200 status.

There is nothing wrong with this however normally you would want to have 404 status code returned even for the simple reason as you can easily log all your 404 pages.
Best practice would be to give a 404 http status with the error page. Have a word with your devs.
OcranaAuthor Commented:
But I do. I just added the custom 404 page to the IIS erropages. I did not changed anything else. I think there have to be another setting. I checked the web.config and the IIS settings. Everything is ok. BUt McAffee said not. Amazing.
Ignore mcaffe you page are return 200s  as I checked.

However the IIS error pages can be very different to other technology pages (asp.net,php , etc) Use failed request tracing to make sure the pages return the correct http status codes as you desire. IIS pages (the 404 custom errors) are different to what the technologies (asp.net,etc) will return as it goes to them first.

Like I said don't worry too much about it. Check in your IIS logs to see what status codes you are returning.
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