php errors and warnings and output

I changed my php settings to display errors and warnings

PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: username in

which displayed errors and warnings and the output

but then I made another change (which i forget)
now I just see errors and warnings and no ouput
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Maybe the other change caused a parse error.  That will often result in no output.

In case you find that you want to be able to roll back to a previous version, like when you made a change that didn't work, you may want to learn about "version control" (google that term).  Some popular tools are Subversion and GitHub.
rgb192Author Commented:
all I know is that it is not an error

because I have errors written to .txt file

I tested by creating a file with parse error
for (x

and errors are being written
Tyler LaczkoCommented:
Without being able to login and get into your system this may be difficult to fix.

I would grab a copy of a fresh / default php.ini file and compare your current one to it to see the differences. (quick and easy solution)
rgb192Author Commented:
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