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Last modified by in Outlook appointments

I was hoping someone could provide some insight into when the "Last modified by" appointment information gets updated in Outlook.

You can see this information in the lower-right of an appointment that comes from a calendar you have proxy access to. When someone makes and saves a change, this gets updated.  I'm wondering if anything else causes this to get updated.

I have a user who updates her manager's calendar, but going back about a month ago, she found that they were all modified by her manager, when she was the last person to modify them.  He definitely would not have opened and saved each one.  In each case, it says it was modified by the manager on the day of the appointment.  e.g. The appointment was on March 3, it was modified by the manager on 3/3, March 4, modified on 3/4.

Has anyone encountered this?  Do you know if putting a person's Exchange account on a BlackBerry could do this?  The only other information I could find was that updating the Exchange server could cause this, but we haven't done that for some time.

Thank you for any insight!
2 Solutions
By any chance do we see these modifcation for the meeting-requests which are not accessed by Blackberry.
I would look to see if these appointments had reminder alert.  It may be that the appointment is updated when a reminder is used (snooze or dismiss).  A possible way to confirm this would be to create an appointment without a reminder and see what happens...

laoitsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the responses.  This issue was left, and since then the user's computer has been upgraded.  It is no longer an issue.

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