Issue with replicating subdomain in forest error: The Name limit for the local computer network adapter card was exceeded

We have a Domain forest as follows: -> forest root (empty   - > sub domain with users in it

the DNS Zone for IN is working properly, however the root domain has an active directory integrated zone for that isn't getting updated. I checked on the root domain's DNS Server, and this active directory zone is set to replicate to all DNS servers in the forest, however I checked the DNS Server of the subdomain, and the replication was set to only replicate its' zone to other DNS servers in its' own domain.  This explains why we aren't getting zone updates in the other domains, or on the root for this specific zone

From what i've read on microsoft, all I need to do is delete the zone on the root, then change the zone in the subdomain to replicate through the forest..  The problem is when I go to delete the zone from the root domain DNS server, it tells me that if I delete it from this dns server, it will be deleted from all other DNS Servers in Active directory, my fear is that i'll wipe out the working zone in the subdomain..

Anyone run in to this issue before?
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pathixConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just a note to everyone if they run in to this issue in future,I successfully cleared the issue by going on the root domain and converting the AD integrated Zone to a standard primary zone, to eliminate the chance of replicating the deletion..

I cannot guarentee this will work for everyone's situation but it allowed me to delete from the root, and allowed me to then configure replication of through the entire forest.
Is the subdomain authoritative for diversion1?  If yes it won't get deleted.  Ill first just enable replication to all DNS servers in the forest on the child DNS server.

If you do delete it just take one of DC's of the network that has DNS installed on the child domain.
pathixAuthor Commented:
yes this subdomain is the authoritative domain for this active directory integrated zone,

have you taken a look at this yet?
pathixAuthor Commented:
Posting this for other people's knowledge
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