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Dell Management console for Linux

is there a Dell server manage application that runs on Linux? Preferably open source, My company does not want to use Dell Management Console because it must be install on Windows. I need it to be on a Linux server.
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Dell do do a version that runs on Linux, a colleague has used it before for our ESX servers.

Hopefully the link will work, but this is searchable from the Dell drivers and support page.
2nd attempt (there won't be a third)

Disclaimer: I work for Dell and have deployed many PowerEdge servers although I do *not* work for any hardware group including the one responsible for the PowerEdge servers within Dell.

What exactly are you looking to manage on your Dell servers running Linux, and which Linux distribution are you using?

OpenManage can be installed under Linux giving you the ability to monitor the hardware, configure storage arrays for the Perc series RAID controllers, change BIOS settings, monitor hardware health, etc... This is the link that dlinktoy101 provided above, however I believe it's an older release. Although the versions may not follow each other exactly in sync, I know the current Windows build of Open Manage is 6.5.0. This appears to be the same version for Linux:


Check first to make sure the version is supported with your distribution of Linux. It is possible to get OpenManage working on a Linux distro even if it isn't officially supported. If it closely resembles another distribution, you have a good shot. For instance, I have deployed OpenManage on CentOS using the RHEL files.

If you are looking to centrally manage all of your Dell hardware from one location utilizing a piece of software running on Linux, that is different. I still recommend you have OpenManage deployed on all machines. This will also enable the Dell specific SNMP MIBs making it possible to monitor pretty much everything you can in OpenManage utilizing 3rd party utilities or open source tools. For centralize management of multiple Dell servers, you would probably want to look into the Dell Management Console:


Per Dell's web site:

DMC is Dell’s one to many systems management software. DMC provides basic hardware management features, such as discovery and inventory of Dell servers, storage and networking devices, monitor server heath, performance and power consumption, manage hardware alerts, update bios/fw/drivers for Dell PowerEdge servers. DMC provides configurable dashboards, graphical reports, role-based security, MIB import for management of events from non-Dell devices and one-to-many hardware configuration wizards.

Hope this helps. If not, let me know what you're looking to do more precisely.
Just for further information if you go to the Dell support site http://support.dell.com/support/index.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd and go to drivers and downloads, you can select you Dell server model and OS and view available specific downloads for it including the management software. This will ensure you have the correct and latest version supported on your server.

The previous link could well have been an older version as it defaulted to the last server I looked for which was an PE 1850.
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