Trouble with zone transfer + question about redirecting web request through DNS

.I'm working on a Server 2003 machine that is the DC for our domain.  It provides internal DNS for our various VLANs, DHCP and AD functions.

We recently added a new member server(smrp01) that functions as a report and web server. Users access it through its internal address(  I recently added a public ip that points to smrp01's web server for public access, which works as expected.

Users in our lan can hit it internally( but not through the public address or domain name(, which is expected.  I'm trying to create an entry in the DC's DNS that will resolve the public URL to the internal address when users type '' into a browser .  

'' DNS is setup through GoDaddy.  I've attempted to set up this domain as a stub zone in my DC's forward lookup zones, then creat a new host and resolve it to the address I want.  I believe I'm following the right steps:  add it by name, point it to the correct external DNS server(s) and hit 'go'.  It never loads, I get the 'Zone not loaded by DNS server' error and the DNS viewer shows Event ID 6522 but nothing ever happens.

Am I going about adding the domain as a stub zone correctly?  And is this the preferred method to accomplish what I want?
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TasmantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be an idea, but i don't think this will work.
Even if you create the stub zone, and (A) records are correctly resolved, this will be resolved on public IP. And in this case you could encounter route issues.

The best way to achieve what you want is to create the a "split DNS zone".
To achieve this: add a primary zone with name ""
Then you add your host report with IP

Therefore, when client are on internal network, their primary DNS server is the DC and they resolve with internal IP
When client is on external network, they use public DNS, and they resolve with public IP
The odds are GoDaddys DNS servers will not allow you to do a zone transfer from them. The way you would do what you want is to create the new zone on your internal DNS server for the public zone as GoDaddy and manually enter the records with internal IPs. At least this is what we have done in a similar situation.

It does mean though that some DNS changes may have to be done in two places!
kmorrison65Author Commented:
So simple, thanks.  My mistake was thinking it should be a secondary or stub zone.  Created it as a primary domain, added one host entry and it's working perfectly 30 seconds later.
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