need assistance in updating our ucc ssl certificate for ms sbs 2008 / exchange server 2007

I need some step by step instructions on how to renew our ucc certificate.

Our certificates are purchased from godaddy and I know how to get the certificate from them once we have the csr.

I need assistance in generating a new csr and then importing in the new certificate once I get it from Godaddy.

I have located the thumbprint from within the exchange console utility and the existing certificate that expired is sitting on the c: drive along with the .csr file.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
SBS provides a wizard for this. Just run the "Add a Trusted Certificate" wizard from the SBS console under network | connectivity | highlight Certificate and choose option on the right.
The wizard will give your the option of "I want to renew my current trusted certificate with the same provider". Follow the wizard through, generating the new CSR, then select "my vendor requires more time (or similar)" which will put the process in a suspended state. When you receive/download your certificate re-run the wizard again and it will give you the option of canceling the renewal or install the new certificate. Once complete, if a GoDaddy certificate you also need to manually install the GoDaddy intermediate certificate as per their instructions.
See "Installing Intermediate Certificate Bundle"
gocgaAuthor Commented:
thanks.  i'll go through both and reply.
1.Start the Exchange Management Console by going to Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange 2010 > Exchange Management Console.
2.Click Manage Databases.
3.Select Server Configuration, and then select New Exchange Certificate.
4.Enter a friendly name to identify this certificate, and then click Next.
5.From the Domain Scope section, select if your CSR is for a wildcard. If so, skip the next step. Otherwise, click Next.
6.From the Exchange Configuration menu, select the services you want to run securely, enter the names you use to connect to those services, and then click Next.
7.Complete the following fields, and then click Next.
Organization — The full legal name of your company or organization
Organization unit — The organization within the company responsible for the certificate
Country/City/State — The company's country, city, and state. If you do not have a state or province, enter your city information.
8.Click Browse to save the CSR to your computer, click Save, click Next, click New, and then click Finish.
You can open the CSR file with any text editor to complete your certificate request.
gocgaAuthor Commented:
Partial solutions, we needed to make some additional setting changes.
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