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newbie question about reconstructor

    First of all, I don’t know anything about Linux.
     After reading an eye-opening article I’ve decided that I want to make a customized Ubuntu Live CD. So I created an account at reconstructor.apphosted.com. When I expand the Packages area it lists all these packages/sections. I don’t know what any of these specifically do. I also suspect that there are even more out there than what is listed on that site. Are there any good resources out there that list all (or most) of these packages/sections and gives a description of each one?
4 Solutions
Ubuntu.org would be a good start.  What a lot of packages are are preconfigured apps for the OS.  an example would BE MYSQL which is an open source SQL server another would be KDE which is a GUI front end.  The lised packages are probably all of the packages hosted by ubuntu sources, but I wouldnt put them as being all of the packages out there.
Why don't you download VMWare player and install it on your Windows OS.  Then whatever Linux servers you want, you can install on your VMWare player.  If you want to try out various packages, just install most of them.  At the time of package selection while installing your Ubuntu server, you should be able to see all package names that are available along with their descriptions.

You can also get the list of packages along with their descriptions from Ubuntu package manager
You can also use the following website.
Just download existing Ubuntu LiveCD and boot it up with network connection, then
go to Application -> Software Center
You will see the software category. Click on it and there are a list of software for each software with short description. Click on each software, then it has detail description.
Here is the Software Center FAQ

Write down those software you want, then create your own LiveCD.
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