Upgrade Exchange 2010 DAG to SP1

I need to upgrade my Exchange 2010 servers configured in a DAG to SP1.  Here is our setup:

ExchangeServer01 - Outlook Clients point to this server to connect
ExchangeServer02 - Holds the active mounted Database Copy

My plan is this:
Switchover the database to ExchangeServer01.  Install SP1 on ExchangeServer02.  Once ExchnageServer02 has SP1 installed I will switchover the database to ExchangeServer02.  Now I will install SP1 on ExchangeServer01.  Once ExchangeServer01 completes the SP1 install I should be all set.

Any potential issues with this plan?  Any other considerations?
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ronnypotConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The installation order should be to upgrade first your CAS role servers after that the HUB role and last the Mailbox role.

So if only server 01 has th CAS role installed you should start with this server, if both server have all roles it doesn't matter which one to start.

Some thing are good to know, make sure if you have CAS role on both servers to upgrade both in a short time, because when they have version difference there could be problems with activesync connection in that time limit.

About the DAG yes swap over the active databases to one server upgrade the one with no databases active. After the upgrade swap the database back and upgrade the second server.

Another thing good to know, when upgrade one server with SP1 you should use the management console from that server it won't work on the other server anymore.

yctechAuthor Commented:
Thanks.... I have all roles installed on both machines so this should be fairly straightforward.
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