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I am trying to get an msi application deployed and I wanted to know what MSIDGSWT is for in regards towards the following usage?

msiexec.exe /qn /m MSIDGSWT /x "myfile.msi"

I know what the /qn, /m and /x switches do but I have no clue what MSIDGSWT does. I am assuming it works with the /m switch possibly to help with rewriting entries to the registry after an uninstall but again, I have no clue. Thanks.
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pcuniteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As you should know the /m switch is for a Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) status .mif file called a mif_file. Therefore MSIDGSWT is the name of it.
kulisnccAuthor Commented:
I understand that it had something to do with MIF but I have not dealt with these before which is why I was asking. I read that the /m switch simply rewrites the registry entries after uninstallation (/x) but that seems to be very obscure.
kulisnccAuthor Commented:
this also would explain my 1638 error i am receiving in my SCCM advertisement
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