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meaning of code

Can someone explain the meaning of this code in detail i couldnt understand the -2 there

TRIM (SUBSTR (i_email_cd, 1, INSTR (i_email_cd, i_locale) - 2)
1 Solution
INSTR (i_email_cd, i_locale) will return a numeric value, that is position of i_locale on i_eamil_cd. The 2 will be subtracted from this output. If it returns 10 then your code will be

TRIM (SUBSTR (i_email_cd, 1, 10 - 2)
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
TRIM: removes whitespace on both ends of a string:

SUBSTR has the syntax:  substr(input,start_here, for_this_many_characters)

INSTR says: INSTR(string,value) return the position of the first 'value' in 'string'.


you are getting the substring from i_email_cd starting at position 1 and going until you find i_locale.  The -2 says back up two characters from that position.

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