Outlook 2007 Not Showing Expected Search Results

I have noticed lately that whenever, I do a search in Outlook 2007 for a certain word, e-mail, etc. it does not show or does not find all known words in my e-mails, e.g., I have excanged several e-mail the day before, but none of them shown!!  
and it keep showing results of old e-mails and unwanted results.

Any clue ?

Secondly, can I search for exact word or sentence using quotes or so ?

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Are you using Advanced Find (Ctrl+Shift+F)?
As ISO30 as stated you need to do an Advanced Find but also need to click on "browse ..." at the top right and check "Search subfolders" ... why they make this not the default from 2003 is beyond me.
mshamsanAuthor Commented:
THANKS, no I didnt know about teh  Advanced find, but it is a very useful tool, thanks again.

and thank you PCUNITE  as well  ..

How can I search for an exact phrase or word ?
Assuming you want to search the message body:

1) In the Advanced Find dialog, click the Advanced tab

2) Under "Define more criteria", click the Field button and select All Mail fields --> Message

3) For Condition, select phrase matches

4) Enter the phrase in the Value field

5) Click the Add to List button

6) Click the Find Now button
mshamsanAuthor Commented:
I am giving Grade C  because it is not addressing the exactt/actuall probme I am facing.
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