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how i can set selectedIndex for LinkBar

Hi Expert,

I am trying  to set totalPages to LinkBar selectedIndex.
linkAC.selectedIndex = totalPages;
But giving error like access to undefined property selectedIndex.
Could you please tell how i can set?
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Pravin AsarPrincipal Systems EngineerCommented:
You post your code.

Look at this one. try with Flex3 Builder.

      <mx:ArrayCollection id="lnkData">
                  <mx:Object display="Apple" value="value1" link="http://www.apple.com"/>
                  <mx:Object display="Adobe" value="value2" link="http://www.adobe.com"/>
                  <mx:Object display="Google" value="value4" link="http://www.google.com"/>
                  <mx:Object display="Microsoft" value="value3" link="http://www.microsoft.com"/>
                  <mx:Object display="Yahoo" value="value1" link="http://www.yahoo.com"/>
                  <mx:Object display="Oracle" value="value5" link="http://www.oracle.com"/>
      <mx:LinkBar id="lb" dataProvider="{lnkData}" labelField="display" itemClick="trace(lb.selectedIndex); trace(lnkData.getItemAt(lb.selectedIndex).link.toString()); "/>
Pravin AsarPrincipal Systems EngineerCommented:
Forgot to set default

      <mx:LinkBar id="lb" dataProvider="{lnkData}" labelField="display" selectedIndex="1" itemClick="trace(lb.selectedIndex); trace(lnkData.getItemAt(lb.selectedIndex).link.toString()); "/>
AlpitaAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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