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Client A asked for a captcha  element to be added to their form.  I hired someone to do this for me. Works fine.
Here is the form that is working:

Client B asked for a captcha element to be added to their form.  I figured it was easy breezy.  I copied the md5.js, jcap.js files over to Client B's server.  I also copied over the cimg folder and the row that required the captcha image  Yet, it doesn't appear to be working right. Any idea what I missed?  Bear in mind that I do not know js.

Here is form that is not working:
Who is Participating?
You just have two copies of the captcha on the page.  Delete the <tr> at line 75 and following that  includes the captcha and try again.

After deleting the redundant captcha the page worked  as expected when tested.
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