Google Maps from SQL table

I am using ASP.NET with C#

I am looking to insert a Google Map onto my web site... I'd like the map to plot points on the map that come from a MS SQL table.  The table will have address, city, state, zip, etc.... from what I'm ready, this will need to be converted to lat/long?  Are there any examples out there or articles/blogs that start you from the beginning and walk you through this process from beginning to end? (Plugging to Google Map API + converting to lat/long + dynamically grabbing data)

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I suggest using the Google Maps JavaScript API.

JavaScript API Main Page

JavaScript API Tutorial

The process of converting an address to Lat/Lng is called Geocoding, which is supported by the JavaScript API.  More details here:

I hope this helps.
and just f.y.i., with the API, you don't need to convert to Lat-Lng manually... the API has a function for it (it's like searching in google map directly), which returns lat-lng coordinates, or a @not found@ error code, for the searched location. However, this comes at a cost... a lot of overhead.

For example, i was loading about 300 points on my map, all from locations. With the function to convert location through API, it might have taken about 30-40 seconds to load the map... but then i created a table a stored all the lat-lng coordinates in there, and loading directly from lat-lng took at most 2 seconds to load all 300.

i've implemented this before, and it's easy to use, but again, at a cost... see every time you call the function to convert, it makes a call to the google servers, and comes back... so... f.y.i.
geoffswebAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I was hoping to find smoething other than the Google documents.  I prefer reading somebody elses blog/tutorial/article that has simplified the process and gives examples of what to do and what not to do.
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