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NTP issues between Windows and Linux servers

I have several Windows and Linux servers that are both supposed to be configured to sync with our gateway which acts as a NTP server.  One of my Linux guys tells me the time is off between some of the servers and I can't figure out if this is true, and if it is, which servers are out of sync and why.

I am trying to find a simple NTP query tool which I can use to query the time on my Windows and Linux servers, i.e. those running w32tm or ntpd.   Can anyone suggest one?  I haven't been able to find anything meaningful, and for those few tools I did find, I am not clear on how to interpret the results.

thanks for the help!
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1 Solution
on linux you run ntpdate -q server_ip
on windows you install meinberg NTP and use that NTPDATE.EXE same way.

ntpdc -c monlist

displays list of clients with their last synch time.

probably it will be more apporpriate to search wor w32tm events in event log.
Why don't you have your Linux guy show you which ones are off?

I don't know about Windows, but I do know that if Linux gets more than 1000 seconds out of sync it will not reset the time without manual intervention.  

Now, are any of these comptuer virtual machines?  There are some issues with virtual machines loosing time because they may not get CPU time as often as they need.  Also at one time if you stopped a VM, the time would get out of sync.

If they are physical boxes and are correctly configured for NTP they should not get out of sync.
> should not get out of sync

normal lifetime of CMOS battery type CR2016 installed on desktop motherboards or server motherboeards or wristwatches is 5 years (or 2 years if you read warranty certificate)
should you discover such run across the street to clock repair shop....
ntpdate -q windows_domain_dns_name.local

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