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I lost the menu to manipulate sheets, as well as the paste command is now greyed out, and I cannot use keyboard shortcuts - Alt, Edit, Special Format Paste - or whatever it is, I can do it automatically...  I can put this command into the VBE editor to get the first two back temporarily, but I need it to be permanent.  Application.Commandbars("Ply").enabled=true.  Nothing has helped the keyboard shortcut.  A previous answer said go to document and settings and rename the profile of the user.  Windows 7 does not appear have "Documents and Settings as an option any more.  I was unable to find anything that looked like a profile of the user (which is me, and I am the only one).  Thanks.
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Check in:
and see if you have an .xlb file in there. If so, rename it and then start Excel and see if the problem is resolved.
PatriciaGaylerAuthor Commented:
I apprecated the additional information that told me exactly where to find the file.
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