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I am on Windows Server 2008. I have users remotely logging into the server to do tasks. I want to be able to Disable access to the Drives in my computer and place mapped drives to the shares. However in the GPO i can disable all or only A-D. How can I go about blocking the other drive letters? the other drive letters I need to block are F and E .

Thank you for the help.
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Well, this can be accomplished by disabling for all locally in GPO and Denying access to the GPO folder for the accounts that you don't want to be effected by the changes. This is the folder you will want to Deny access for the Administrator accounts (C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy) that you do not want to be affected by Group Policy. However, once you deny access to admin account you will not be able to change GPO locally until it is allowed again, and once you allow the Admin accounts will not see the Drives on the computer.
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Here is an article explaining what you need to do.

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