Implement ASP.Net form to input an itinerary

I have an form I'm working on and I am trying to find the best way to implement something like an itinerary. It's a trip form where the user will input some personal data (name, address, etc) then build their trip. We do not know when a person starts a form how many legs a trip may have. The database I'm building the form for implements this with 2 tables, a master trips table with a trip_itinerary table. The trip_itineray table holds the individual legs of a trip. This data will include dates from and to, country, city, travle mode, etc. So in the form I need to be able to add legs to the itinerary. I;m just looking for an example out there, and thus far my seaches have not turned anything up. Any guidance is appreciated.
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Craig WagnerConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
Create a page that shows the master trip information and a read-only table of the legs. Next to each leg you can have Delete and Edit links. Somewhere on the page create an Add button (or link). Edit and Add take the user to a different page that allows the editing of the individual fields of the leg. When the user saves (or cancels) from the Add/Edit form they're taken back to the main form.

I don't know of any examples using WebForms, but you can see a tutorial using MVC at the following link. At least it would give you some idea of what I was trying to describe.
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