Changing the Firefox Awesome bar settings

Is there any setting where I can change the dimensions of the awesome bar? I have plenty of room on my desktop to see additional items, and it would be easier to do this without having to scroll?
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Tyler LaczkoCommented:
What are you referring to when you say awesome bar...
MawallaceAuthor Commented:
The bar at the top of the screen where you type in the web address.
Marc ZCommented:
What version of FF and do you want more items (buttons) next to it or below it?  If running version 4 You Should be able to simply right click it and select Customize and drag and drop anything in the resulting window next to the awesome bar. If you want it below, drag it there.
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Tyler LaczkoCommented:
im guessing you want the suggested sites to show more than just 8 at a time.

You cannot adjust this that I know of.

If you could the settings would be: about:config

open firefox and type that into the URL box.
Tyler LaczkoCommented:
I double checked through them all and I cannot find it. There may be a "firefox addon" that may do it.
MawallaceAuthor Commented:
Yes 0 I want more than 8 to be shown!
Marc ZCommented:
 i do believe there is a setting we can adjust, but until i find it, IF you simply type as much info in to the Awesome bar, your results should filter down to what you want and you should be  able to hit it pretty quickly.

I'll see what i can find, cause i know i did this previously.
Marc ZCommented:
This add-on might help. i have not installed to test. Called LocationBarLimit

I believe basically it does what the about:config modification of
to the setting of your choice, default is 12.

Hope this helps.

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