cannot navigate to requested page while user profile synchronization is running. Please wait for the current sync to finish


I have sharepoint 2010 installed and AD is on another server.

When i click -> start ProfileSynchronization- > it is saying:

Cannot navigate to the requested page while User Profile Synchronization is running. Please Wait for the current synchronization run to finish.

But actually speaking my.... User Profile Synchronization service "Stopped", and not starting at all.

Also if i go to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Server\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell\miisClient-> error-->... error

The  dialog box says.....

Unable to connect to synchronization service.

Some possible reasons are:

1.The service is not started.

2.Your account is not a member of a required security group.

See the synchronization document please.

.....Could any body help me please.!

Thanks in Advance

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i dont  think there will be any issues because you dont have any user profile data yet, no exclusion inclusion filters set up . and even if you have some you can always import them again once its all set .
I had to do this many times in my environment.

i will say reset iis , reboot and start the  service , give it enough time to start ( some times it take too long ) if it does not start even after hours , go for a new UPSA

make sure you have given AD rights to the user account that one thing lots of people miss .
Ok , forget the page you are trying to access and getting this error . You need to make your service run first and then do anything else . Obviously you have tried all those things and I am sure you have gone through Spencer Harbar’s  article too . If it’s still not working i would rather ask you to delete this SA and create a new one and then try to so this again . UPSA is something that take some effort to make it work .
One thing is , make sure you need to use admin account for this process .
Make sure you have mysite web app created and set up with UPS .
2Forefront services must be running also
then you should go and try to access the page you are trying to . Let us know
smskareemAuthor Commented:
Hello ufarooq,

Is it feasible to delete SA and create a new one.

i mean what will be any issue i may come across while doing so?

any idea?

smskareemAuthor Commented:
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