sony vaio pcg-fr415s memory upgrade


I have been asked to upgrade a Laptop RAM, currently has 512MB.  

The sony website clearly states it can take a max of 2 x 512MB modules.

So I purchased 2 x 512MB DDR1 333MHz PC2700 RAM...

I popped them in and booted up windows xp, checked in system and it is only posting 448MB.... strange, so I switched off and took one out, rebooted to the bios..... 192MB.....

I swap the one that is in with the one I took out, and go back to bios... 192MB...

I put them both back in and bios says 448MB....

Any ideas why it is not recognising the additional 512MB?


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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
This seems to be an older laptop. Is the most current bios installed? Im assuming you have a typo above and really wanted to type "DDR2" not 1?  What does it show in the Bios? Does it display all 1024mb or?
cycledudeAuthor Commented:
Hi CHaps

Yes, old laptop... I recommended getting a new one, but the suggestion was rejected! lol!

I got the ram spec from here

but bought it from here

I matched the spec of the ram from crucial (guaranteed to work!)

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cycledudeAuthor Commented:
the bios states 448MB
Robert Sutton JrConnect With a Mentor Senior Network ManagerCommented:
From your post and link above... Another use w/ the smae type of laptop stated the same issue. The following is the quote:
"bought as an upgrade for my vaio pcg-k series laptop. researched that 333mhz pc2700 would be ok, as originals were visteon pc2100. No problems found on forums. 400mhz modules physically wont fit! (key is in wrong place). When installed only half of the memory is reported as fitted. I managed to correct this by swapping with my dell lattitude 1gb 2x512 pc2100 memory. The corsair works fine in the dell by the way, but not the sony vaio."

Hope this helps.
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
cycledudeAuthor Commented:
thanks guys.... I have bitten the bullet and just ordered the crucial ram (guaranteed to work!)
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