How to disable Delivery receipts in Exchange 2003

I am searching for a way to disable delivery receipt in Exchnage 2003 using Outlook 2007. Any help will be appreceiated.
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Is there a 3rd party software out there that can do this?
I do not believe you can disable a delivery receipt using Outlook 2007.  The delivery receipt process is handled at the mail server.  It basically says "as the email server, I have personally delivered the message to the target person's email server.  that server said that person is 'here' on the server' and is a valid receiver of that message".  That doesn't mean he will read it .. just that it was delivered to his inbox.

The client email program doesn't have any influence over this feature .. this is server based on the mail server machine.

warbringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Third Party software won't help either ... the delivery receipt is created by the sending server.  If you send me an email and ask for a delivery receipt, your email server hands the email to my email server.  Your email server then serves a delivery receipt to your account.  Because your email server "delivered" the email to my email server.  The act of my email server accepting the delivery is an indication that I am on the target email server and thus the email was "delivered".

In order to kill delivery receipts, you would have to do it on the sender's server.
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Thanks for the responce.
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