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I am having a problem opening a saved qbb file in quickbooks.  I am getting the error message:
quickbooks cannot open this company file because it was updated to a new maintenance release than the one you are currently using. This file was used with release R11, you are using release R1.

Update your copy of quickbooks by downloading the latest maintenance release. To do this click update, quickbooks then follow the instructions to download the latest release. When the download is completed reopen quickbooks you'll be promoted to apply the update.

I do the update and it continues to give me that message.
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warbringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have seen this in the past ... is the quickbooks data saved on a server?  do more than 1 user have access to this data?

if the above is true ... we had to uninstall QB from all client computers and the server, reboot the server, re-install QB on the server, update QB on the server to the newest release, install QB client on each client PC and update it to the newest release.

than open the data.  sounds like a lot of work .. but it goes pretty quick.
now2010Author Commented:
I uninstalled and reinstalled quickbooks and it's doing the same thing.
now2010Author Commented:
I solved the problem by installing a new version of quickbooks. Thanks anyhow.
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