UPS C14 plug ... is it safe?

Hi experts :)

I am going to buy an APC UPS, I will have a router and a switch with 'standard' UK plugs, could I use an adaptor like this:

Is it safe?
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Grant BerezanSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Using such an electrical adapter to convert a device's power cable into your UPS is fine.
If the output voltage of the UPS matches the input voltages of the router and switch it should work. Might be easier and cheaper to get the correct cords/power supplies for the router and switch though...

Sajen JoseCommented:
Since this is an adapter, I don't think there should be any issues at all.
Looks OK to me as long as you don't try to pull 13A through it since it's only rated for 10A. For safety purposses you should really change the fuse in your UK mains plugs to be less than 10A.
m1979Author Commented:
thx guys
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