Want to vmotion into Nexus

Here is my situation.  I have one esxi 4.0 host in a cluster of esx 4.0 hosts managed by VC.  The ESX hosts are all managed by Cisco Nexus.  The esxi host doesnt have a lic for the nexus so i have to do everything through vmware (networking).  While i am good when it comes to vm network acces and what not, i would like to know if it is possible for me to create a vmotion group on the ESXi box that would allow vmotion into the rest of the cluster..  My instincts tell me no because the network environments would be different between the two hosts..  What do you all think?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
For vMotion to work, when it qualifies the server for vMotion it checks that the ESX host server has the correct Network Labels applied.

So if you have the same network label on source and destinations ESX hosts, it *may* work.

The important think is to ensure you CPU is compatible and you have the same configuration on your virtual switch and naming convention as well. It should work *fine*.

We done something similar when migrating virtual machines from one cluster to another!

It can be proved fairly easily.
Danny McDanielClinical Systems AnalystCommented:
the tricky part, that I think you are getting at, is getting the vmkernel ports to talk to each other.  if they're on a vlan, line up a switchport on that same vlan and feed it into one of the network ports on your ESXi host, then configure that one as the vmotion vmkernel and do a vmkping from the console to verify connectivity.

if that works and you've got the vm network portgroup names lined up, like hanccocka mentions, you should be good to go.
WillAspectAvayaAuthor Commented:
Got it to finnaly work.. yya'lls suggestions helped me frame the problem
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