Autodiscover Changing Outlook Proxy Server Names

We have recently installed a new SBS2010 Server. We are still in test mode and are curently using an external hosted Exchange environment. We had 1 user authenticate to the new domain and ever since he has had problems with the Outlook proxy server name changing to the name of the new SBS SMTP server.  I am NOT an exchange or NT server expert by any stretch. Can someone give me the exact sequence that I need to go through to change the setting on the server so that it points to the externally hosted server for now or at a minimum doesn't change the value on the Outlook client?

Thanks !
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MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Should be: Exchange Management Console --> org config --> client access
Then in the right hand pane you should have an option to disable outlook anywhere
Just disable outlook anywhere on your SBS 2011 server.
Jonesy5960Author Commented:
Solution was great. The only difference between the instructions and what I did was to go to the Server Config as opposed to the Org Config as that is where the option to disable exists. Thanks !
Thanks for the update and clarification of the solution (I was sitting on a train at the time of posting that comment)
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