Can I Sync a public Exchange Calendar with client's default calendar so they can see their appointments on their iPhone?

I thought this was going to be a simple process of exporting the calendar to a PST file and then importing the data into the default calendar. This guy is a Doctor who's staff makes his appointments in a public calendar under his name. When I import that calendar it simply puts a new calendar under the default calendar in his outlook. but iPhone only syncs the default calendar through Exchange. This Doctor has Office 2010. The other doctor has Office 2007 and I am having the same problem.

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ronnypotConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Take a look at the following picture:

1. choose folder view
2. select calendar (in your case the one in the pst file, make sure the pst file is added to the outlook profile, choose file, open, open outlook data file.)
3. choose the view menu
4. choose change view
5. select list.

- now you have to select all items with <control> A
- press <control> C to copy all items
- go to the calendar in the mailbox and press <control> V to paste you copy selection in this calendar.
This can be solved in two ways,

If you would import a calendar in outlook make sure you have selected the calendar folder before you start the import, then choose import and select the pst file. When you are on the Select the folder to import from screen choose the calendar folder on the top of the screen and on the bottom make sure you choose Import items into the current folder.

Another option is just attach the pst file to outlook go to the calendar folder and change the view to List now hit <control> A to select all files after that hit <control> C to copy all files go to the calendar folder in the mailbox and hit <control> V to paste the items in to the calendar

vistanetitAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ronny,

I will try the second option as the first option I believe I did correctly and it simply added the calendar as a subcalendar below the mailbox default.
When I try it I will post if it was successful or not. I actually tried it but couldn't find the gui for it. Didn't even think of using hot keys. Thanks.
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Donald BarkerManager, Endpoint SecurityCommented:
Out of curiosity, what version of Exchange are you syncing to?
vistanetitAuthor Commented:
Used RonnyPot's solution without issue. Worked exactly like it should. Thanks Ronny
vistanetitAuthor Commented:
DBarker2 the Exchange server is 2008 SBS
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