FTP Setup for IIS 7.5 and Access

I just setup an FTP server for our company using Win Svr 2008. We used to have an anonymous FTP but now need to be able to have clients only be able to access their folders and no one else's.  So any help here would be great.
1. How would I secure the FTP folders to specific users only.
2. Disallow folder, root browsing.
3. Also instead of using and IP address to access the FTP server, assign a name to it like ftp.we.com\userfolder

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You have to set the security folder assigning NTFS permissions on folders in ftp root folder (usually c:\inetpub\ftproot)

You can set the NTFS permission in root folder to administrators and assign users folders permission to right user.

To access your server with a FQDN you have to add this to your DNS, for example in domain network it can be ftp.mydomain.local, but if you want to use it on internet you have to add an A record to your public DNS server, for example ftp.mycompany.com
Eddie_AkitaAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you, quick question and thought, I think I am going to delete that FTP and start again with a new FTP site. Quick question, since this is my first FTP setup, when I go through setup since I do not want anonymous authentication, should I uncheck that once I run the FTP wizzard. Thank you
Yes uncheck anonymous and add users/groups. That should work.
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