When a delegate creates a calendar appointment for owner. The request is automatically placed in Owners Deleted Item folder

Hello All,
Operating System WIndows XP Sp3
Software Product: Microsoft Outlook 2007
Mail Setup: Microsoft Exchange RPC over HTTP
Issue: Delegate has author permissions over owner's calendar, when delegate creates an appointment or meeting request  the request gets placed into the calendar, however the email notification appears in the deleted items rather than inbox. Also noticed when I was scheduling an appointment for the owner the response that the owner accepted was automatically placed in my deleted items as well. There is only one delegate.

Steps Taken Already: [This was done on both the delegate and owner]
Tools -> Options -> Email Options -> Advanced Email Options:
Unchecked Delete meeting request from inbox when responding

Tools -> Options -> Email Options -> Tracking Options:
Unchecked process requests and responses on arrival
Unchecked process receipts on arrival
Unchecked Delete Blank voting and meeting responses.
Pretty much every box under this option has been unchecked.

Tools -> Options -> Calendar Options -> Advanced Options - resource Scheduling
Unchecked Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations check box.

Rules: No rules at all

Mobile Devices: Owner uses a blackberry connected to BES, Delegate does not have any smartphone.
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George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Have you tried to use OWA when creating the meeting request ?
And also try to use OWA when reading the meeting request.

This seems to me an Outlook issue. I would also try to connect the client without HTTP / RPC and disable cached mode.

Also try to create a new outlook profile and see if it helps.
When a calendar invitation is accepted, the email that transported it is deleted from the inbox. This is normal operation for Outlook. What is happening is the Owner is AutoAccepting the appointment since it was made by the delegate and the invitation email moves to the deleted items in the mailbox(server side) before it is synced to Outlook
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