I am looking for an application that allows you send files/links/images via SMS from your PC.

On one of my old XP workstations,  when I right clicked on something, there was an option in the menu to send via SMS. I don't know the name of the program that did that and I am looking for it. Does any one know what I am talking about and where I can find that program or something similar.
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huacatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you need the cable or bluetooth connection when you click the menu item?
If not, try this: http://www.mobilatory.com/send-to-phone
To send a file or image via SMS will be a problem. SMS = short message service sends txt only. To be exact 160 7-bit characters.
I know about an Outlook implementation in Office 2007 and 2010, which enables outlook to send SMS via a SMS provider. But anyway, SMS secifications don't allow any files.

So what you're looking for must be something different, "send via MMS" maybe?
KH_ITAuthor Commented:
Technically, you're right, thanks for defining SMS to me....

but I guess I just meant , a message to a cell phone...

Yeah, mms ,sms, it was just a feature that allowed me to send files/text to phones.
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Sorry, but if you write that you want to send pics via SMS, I think you need a definition for SMS ;-)

I tried to find something like sending MMS via pc, but unfortunately I was unlucky yet...
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Each provider has a service for that, I've yet to find something that handles all providers
For example Att does it with an email
Did you means sent some file/pictures/links and so on to "your" mobile phone(not through your phone to another guy's phone)?
Some PC/laptop with Bluetooth supported, and the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software provider the function let us tranfer a file to our mobile phone like "SMS".
e.g. My laptop support bluetooth tech, and the WIDCOMM driver add an menu item to my [Explorer] context menu, [send to] , [bluetooth], [my mobile phone].
When I sent a file to my mobile phone, my Nokia phone will create a "Message" for me.
KH_ITAuthor Commented:
On the right click menu (after clicking on file or link) an option "Send to phone.." or "Send as sms/mms" would appear.
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